More states are making the choice every year to deregulate their energy market, but what does that mean for the consumer? At first glance it appears to be yet another step to confuse the process of powering businesses and homes, but in truth it is actually a simple step towards savings. 

First off, what is energy deregulation? It is important to understand what it is in order to understand how it will help you save. Deregulation in it’s simplest form is when a state decides to make it so that the utility companies no longer charge you for how much energy you use, just for being your supplier. What this means is you now have the choice as to which energy company you use. This choice leads to multiple energy companies competing for customers, creating a non-monopolized market and leads to competitive energy costs that can save you thousands if you can maneuver through the system correctly.  We’ll cover several of the benefits of deregulation and how it can help you.

Energy providers in a deregulated market are more likely to provide customized solutions to their customers since there is constant pressure to stay cutting edge and beat their competitors. They will work with their customers to create the best plan and offer top support, flexible pricing and terms, better quality products, and some may even provide methods of monitoring usage in real time to help you meet your personal or professional budget. A deregulated energy market means that the suppliers have to cater more to you as the consumer simply because they have to. Otherwise what’s to stop you from choosing a different company? Deregulation puts the power in the consumer’s hand, not the energy companies.

The top benefit of energy deregulation is the increase in competitive pricing. The consumer has the power to shop by price, and if done correctly and strategically, the ability to save money on their home and business costs. Creating this competitive market means that providers work harder to make their services the most desirable, causing them to have the lowest costs and the best results.

The power to choose is the most desirable benefit of deregulation; before states made the decision to deregulate the energy industry, the ability to choose wasn’t even a possibility. You were given an energy company and they told you what you were going to pay, all while treating their customers poorly and providing careless service. Now all over the nation people can choose who to use and what to pay. The power of choice is in the consumer’s hands, the way it should always be.

A diversified energy environment is a direct product of deregulation. The options of saving money and choosing which company to use are only the beginning, now customers can choose how green their energy will be, how efficiently it will work, and which energy initiatives to support. Now your energy can be completely customized to you, with no more one size fits all solution to your energy needs. Deregulation means that you can decide to make an impact with only your energy bill.

Energy deregulation may seem complex at first glance, but after understanding what it can do for you it becomes quite simple: Energy deregulation will save you money and puts the power in YOUR hands

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